I’m back….

Hey everyone, it’s been a week. I’ve been a little sick the past few days. Everybody’s getting sick. I work at Publix. If you live in Florida, you know where that is. If you’d don’t, it’s a grocery store with a pharmacy. Well I work in Customer Service and Pharmacy. But lately, mostly Pharmacy. Most people coming in have been sick… Either the flu or just a cold. Good thing I just got the cold… Still sucks though. I don’t think I have any good stories about Publix that’s happened lately. But I do remember when I first started working Customer Service a couple years ago, I had this guy come to the desk and said he needed to return a jar of jelly. I’m thinking okay it’s just jelly, I’ll give him a credit. But he goes on to explain that he came in a few nights before drunk and for whatever reason decided to by jelly,  didn’t keep the receipt or nothing. He tells me he has no idea why he would buy that drunk but he did. I think what made the story great was that his wife is coming up beside him as he is explaining the story, and it didn’t seem to phase her. Whether the story was true or not I don’t know. But if it was, I got to say what a man because who ever isn’t afraid to tell a complete stranger that he came in drunk to buy that or the fact that he can admit that in front of his wife while telling that that story to a complete stranger. Still one of the funniest stories… Even better though was later the day or week (I can’t remember which), a customer comes in to return a sock…. Ponder that for a minute… A sock. Given, I understand we have a Lost and Found but if somebody lost a sock,I’d either leave on the ground if it was left outside or throw it away if I found it on the floor of it was inside. I don’t want to touch somebody’s socks. Especially somebody I don’t know….. Well that’s all I got for now…. Maybe some more customer stories later if I can remember any more. Good night everyone!!!


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