First week of working on my Masters 

I just started my first week in my Master’s program and so far so good. My Master’s degree is in Criminal Justice with a focus in Public Administration. I’m a full-time student, which means 3 classes a semester. I’m taking it all online, which definitely helps with coordinating around work. The semesters are 8 weeks long. Yeah I know, a lot in a short amount of time. But the faster I get it done, the better. Two of the three classes don’t seem to bad. The other one I’m a little worried about. What’s school though, if at least one class isn’t challenging? Well, there’s not much tell other than that right now. I did only start Monday. Signing off for now.


#91 Monopoly Properties – on my bucket list to visit

U.S. Edition

  1. Mediterranean Ave
  2. Baltic Ave
  3. Central Ave
  4. Vermont Ave
  5. Connecticut Ave
  6. St. Charles Place
  7. States Ave
  8. Virginia Ave
  9. St. James Place
  10. Tennesse Ave
  11. NY Ave
  12. Kentucky Ave
  13. Indiana Ave
  14. Illinois Ave
  15. Atlantic Ave
  16. Ventnor  Ave
  17. Marvin Ave
  18. Pacific Ave
  19. N. Carolina Ave
  20. Pennsylvania Ave
  21. Park  Place
  22. Boardwalk
  23. MLK Jr.
  24. Marvin Gardens
  25. Oriental Ave
  26. B&O Railroad
  27. Pennsylvania Railroad
  28. Reading Railroad
  29. Shortline

UK Edition

  1. Leicester Square
  2. Fenchurch Street Station
  3. Whitechapel Road
  4. Mayfair
  5. Pentonville Road
  6. Trafalgar Square
  7. Fleet Street
  8. Strand
  9. Piccadilly
  10. Old Kent Road
  11. Vine Street
  12. Oxford Street
  13. Angel Islington
  14. Park Land
  15. Bond Street
  16. Marlebone Station
  17. Pall Mall
  18. Bow Street
  19. Whitehall
  20. Marlborough Street
  21. Coventry Street
  22. Euston  Road
  23. Morthumberland Ave

Let me know if I’ve missed anything… But this should be  all the properties on both editions.

Things I want to do at Disney World – #49 on my Bucket List

  1. Hug Mickey Mouse
  2. Complete Hidden Mickey Book
  3. Hug Tigger
  4. Hug Goofy
  5. Hug Minnie Mouse
  6. Ride w/ the conductor of the Disneyland Railroad locomotive
  7. Become an annual passholder
  8. Take a Disney Cruise
  9. Spend a night in Cinderella’s Castle Suite
  10. Complete an Epcot Showcase Passport
  11. See the mayor open up Magic Kingdom
  12. Attend a wedding at Disney World’s wedding pavilion
  13. Join D23 fan Club
  14. Visit all 6 Disney Parks
    1. California
    2. Florida
    3. Tokyo
    4. Paris
    5. Hong Kong
    6. China
  15. Alaska Airlines Aircrafts
    1. Magic of Disneyland
    2. Spirit of Disneyland
  16. Club 33
    1. $10,000 membership
    2. $25,000 initiation fee
    3. New Orleans Square
  17. 1901 lounge
    1. Named after Walt Disney’s birth year
    2. Real family paraphernalia
  18. Disney on Ice Show
  19. Star Tours adventure
    1. More than 50 possible story combinations
  20. Unlock all secret achievements in Toy Story Midway Mania
  21. Dapper Day
    1. Unofficial
    2. Biannually
    3. Multiple Disney parks worldwide
  22. Live at golden Oak
    1. $1.8 million
  23. See every broadway show
  24. Eat at every Disneyland park
  25. Collect every Disney pressed penny
  26. Finish the Kitchen sink
    1. $29 sundae
    2. WDW Beaches and Cream Soda Shop
    3. Enough for 4 adults
  27. Attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
  28. Go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
  29. Independence Day Fireworks
  30. True Mountaineer – Disneyland Mountain Range – all has to be done in a day
    1. Space Mountain
    2. Matterhorn
    3. Big thunder Mountain
    4. Splash Mountain
  31. Rinse and Dry Cycle – in California
    1. Grizzly River Rapids
    2. Radiator Springs Racers (cars land)
  32. Watch every Disney film in order of release date
  33. Ride every form of Disney Transportation
    1. Bus
    2. Boat
    3. Ferry
    4. Monorail
    5. Tea Cup
    6. Pirate Ship
    7. Railroad Train
  34. Ride the Ratatouille Ride in Disneyland Paris
  35. Be in a Disney Parade

In Honor of Leap Year…

February 29th… Happens once every four years… A birthday that someboy gets to celebrate once every four years… Do you know of anybody who is born on this day? Or how about a famous person on this day? Did you know that an estimated 187,000 Americans are born on this day?…. Or about 4 million people worldwide? February 28th is considered a person’s last day as their age… The next day is their birthday, obviously being March 1st… Unless it is the leap year.

Here are some famous people who were born on this day, I stuck with mostly sports:

  1. Benedikt Howedes – Soccer Player
    1. Benedikt was born in 1988 and plays for Germany. He started playing for Germany’s national team in 2011.
  2. Cullen Jones – Swimmer
    1. Cullen was born in 1984 in NY. Cullen has won multiple competitions and is known for being a 2x Olympian as well as a 3x World Champion for USA.
  3. Jack Lousma – Astronaut
    1. Jack started his career in the Marines and ended up being selected as one of 19 people by NASA in 1966. Jack has a huge history in honors and experience in the Marines, NASA, and Space Flight. If you would like to know more about Jack, here is the bio link to help get you started:
  4. Pepper Martin – Baseball Player (1904-1965)
    1. Pepper played baseball from 1928-1944.
  5. Taylor Twellman – Soccer Player
    1. Taylor was born in 1980 in Minnesota. He played 8 years of soccer with a total of 101 goals in 174 matches. He is now a lead analyst for ESPN for MLS as well as the US Men’s National Team matches.

If you are wondering where I got this information, it is from a quick google search… Mostly from sports-related websites like ESPN or USA swimming website (not that there is much information that I put in here to begin with, considering that I picked mostly sports stars).

If you’re wondering how I picked these people, well I like sports and history. Soccer is what I used to play, baseball is what I like to watch, swimming is a sport I knew nothing about but would like to learn and picking an astronaunt is part of our history. Knowledge is key. No matter what it is, it’s fun to learn (I know, dorky). It’s fun to research and maybe this will get readers to research these 5 people more (if you don’t already know who they are). For those who don’t know who these people are, we both learned something today. The amount of people that are born on this day, both civilian and celebrity. Just in celebrities, looking at one website, there were over 40 between actors/actresses, musicians/composers, and sports stars. Do your research. Let me know what you come up with. Like I said, knowledge is power.

Happy Leap Year!