In Honor of Leap Year…

February 29th… Happens once every four years… A birthday that someboy gets to celebrate once every four years… Do you know of anybody who is born on this day? Or how about a famous person on this day? Did you know that an estimated 187,000 Americans are born on this day?…. Or about 4 million people worldwide? February 28th is considered a person’s last day as their age… The next day is their birthday, obviously being March 1st… Unless it is the leap year.

Here are some famous people who were born on this day, I stuck with mostly sports:

  1. Benedikt Howedes – Soccer Player
    1. Benedikt was born in 1988 and plays for Germany. He started playing for Germany’s national team in 2011.
  2. Cullen Jones – Swimmer
    1. Cullen was born in 1984 in NY. Cullen has won multiple competitions and is known for being a 2x Olympian as well as a 3x World Champion for USA.
  3. Jack Lousma – Astronaut
    1. Jack started his career in the Marines and ended up being selected as one of 19 people by NASA in 1966. Jack has a huge history in honors and experience in the Marines, NASA, and Space Flight. If you would like to know more about Jack, here is the bio link to help get you started:
  4. Pepper Martin – Baseball Player (1904-1965)
    1. Pepper played baseball from 1928-1944.
  5. Taylor Twellman – Soccer Player
    1. Taylor was born in 1980 in Minnesota. He played 8 years of soccer with a total of 101 goals in 174 matches. He is now a lead analyst for ESPN for MLS as well as the US Men’s National Team matches.

If you are wondering where I got this information, it is from a quick google search… Mostly from sports-related websites like ESPN or USA swimming website (not that there is much information that I put in here to begin with, considering that I picked mostly sports stars).

If you’re wondering how I picked these people, well I like sports and history. Soccer is what I used to play, baseball is what I like to watch, swimming is a sport I knew nothing about but would like to learn and picking an astronaunt is part of our history. Knowledge is key. No matter what it is, it’s fun to learn (I know, dorky). It’s fun to research and maybe this will get readers to research these 5 people more (if you don’t already know who they are). For those who don’t know who these people are, we both learned something today. The amount of people that are born on this day, both civilian and celebrity. Just in celebrities, looking at one website, there were over 40 between actors/actresses, musicians/composers, and sports stars. Do your research. Let me know what you come up with. Like I said, knowledge is power.

Happy Leap Year!


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