#16 Starting a movement in a cause I believe in.

Well the first step in starting a movement in a cause I believe in is by choosing a cause. There are many causes that I’d like to choose by I think I should only pick one at a time and go from there. The biggest thing I’m dealing with right now is motivation… Motivation from work and motivation from school. At work, it seems like most people don’t want to do their work. All they are doing is going through the motions. In school, it’s mostly about myself trying to do the homework, but we are also talking about leadership and management and what it is like to be in that position. And I think that being in a position such as management has a huge influence on how employees work. If management doesn’t want to show up and prove that they are there for a reason or if management doesn’t care, then it shows that employees can and most likely will do the same. So I think choosing motivation as my movement is the right way to go. Now all I have to do is start it. Any ideas?

Your friendly and motivated blogger