How to Manage a Master’s Program

How do I  manage a Master’s Program while trying to get a life? If I had the answer to that, I would be doing it. What I can suggest is what not to do to freak yourself out while finishing school…. Hi, I’m Ashlee and I am beyond stressed out and wondering how I am managing three classes with 32-37 hours a week at work and still typing this article. Well I don’t know. These classes involve so much reading that it is impossible to finish every chapter assigned to me each week. Last semester, I didn’t finish the textbooks and thought that it wasn’t even worth buying when I can’t finish them. Well, they are useful, just not when I always want them to be. These are the tips that help me make it through the semester:

  • Don’t freak yourself out, you are doing better than you think you are.
  • If you think you are reading too much and can’t concentrate, you probably are. Take a break, go do something that you normally wouldn’t do if you had a life. Studying will be there when you get back.
  • Breathe. If you don’t, you aren’t going to make it to the end of the semester and the stress, time and money you’ve put into school would be a waste.
  • Lastly, there is always an end to the tunnel. As much as you don’t want to do the homework, you have to keep in mind that teacher’s are putting a deadline on those assignments and once you hit that date and time, you no longer have to worry about it.

Now that’s all I have to suggest about doing a Master’s Program… I’m sure there are plenty more suggestions out there to help but these four are pretty damn realistic, especially considering that I have to remind myself everyday.

Good luck on your program and get back to work (maybe tomorrow?)!



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